Thursday, 3 October 2013

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Vacation no doubt a most special moment of life but it could only be special if you choose a right place to spend it most of the time we often get confused like where to go what should be our plan and which place would be an ideal.

So if you are planning to pay your visit at hill station a number of option would come in your mind but most interestingly people choose to visit Darjeeling “queen of hills “of course it’s a beauty and much cause of its landform and other amazing features makes Darjeeling an apple of an eye to a travelers but within Darjeeling there is a beauty call Mirik is often neglected.

49 km away from Darjeeling we are now looking into a beauty that nest in arms of its parental district Darjeeling surrounded by a terrace of tea state, dense forest and hilly region is a pride of Darjeeling.

Small town with not much of population is rich in flora and fauna and its scenic beauty is yet to explore by many travellers.

With an unspoil beauty Mirik has so lot to offer to tourist and they often enjoy their tour to Mirik held over a good altitude so far as weather is concern the temperature ranges up to 29 degree max and minimum 15 agree which appears to be quiet a mild and soothing, in winter its freezing with a temperature ranging between 13 degree and 2 degree rainy season could offer you a plenty of rainfall with an annual rainfall 279.4 cm makes this place quiet moist and wet during rainy season.

Best time to explore Mirik is in between March to mid June and between Septembers to December.

Enrich in culture this place is a hub of Cryptomeria japonica with a beauty of Kanchenjunga Mirik is a wonders of Darjeeling.



Most fantasize Lake has a beauty to engulf your soul with an over craft bridge over the top of lake you could just walk in and get more closer look of lake.

You could avail boating and fishing plan is yet to be executed Lake is a heart of Mirik tourism and it guarantees to add more delight when you witness a reflection of Kanchenjunga over the still beauty of Lake.

Bokar Gompa:

A minute away from a town a walking distance could land you to Bokar Gompa a hub for Mahayana Monks is most spiritual place to visit witness how they shell into prayers and understand their tradition and religion by visiting Bokar Gompa.


a popular picnic spot so if your mood is to plan some picnic kind of stuff then Raidhap would be an ideal place for it or just minute away could allow you to capture a picturesque scene of your life be there at Ramithey Dara to witness a sunset which would make your picnic a season of a lifetime.

Kawlay Dara and Dasai Dara:

If you have-not seen a combo of mountain and a scene of plains then pay your visit here at Kawley Dara so come here to enjoy the gift of nature to an earth and for a tremendous landscape and topographical view come near a side of Dasai Dara.

Tea Estates:

As we all know Darjeeling and its nearby area is much famous for tea estates so if you wish to see more of it then visit Thurbo T.E one of the most exquisite tea estate it’s an urge for all to come and visit here.

Orange orchards: since we all know Mirik is a leading orange supplier within Darjeeling district has more than just a plant of orange but an amazing beauty would obtain your attention.

In Mirik a trekking could be a good idea a number of people come here to enjoy and explore Sandakphu via trekking so if you are planning the same then it would surely add more delight to your visit.

How to get here

Via air Bagdogra is a nearest air station for you and Mirik is only 55 km away from there.

Via train New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri are a nearest platform and once you opt out in any of these station catch a cab and drive your way to Mirik.

Via road could offer you plenty of option its road connection with Siliguri, Darjeeling and Kuersong makes a road option much easier and accessible.


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