Darjeeling a small hill station located in West Bengal is famous throughout the world for it outstanding site and location. Every year thousands and thousands of tourists, visitors and the travelers from across the world visit to this divine land to witness the eye catching elements of the nature. It is a place b
lessed with almost all the elements of the nature like rolling hills, evergreen pine trees, Blue Mountains, mystic tea gardens, beautiful temples, architectural monuments and lots more. The most famous and attractive features of this heavenly land is its world famous Toy Train and the aromatic tea leaves. As it experiences cool and amiable weather throughout the year it can be visited throughout the year.

Darjeeling which is located in the midst of the Mother Nature is also famous throughout the world for its outstanding products which is very much liked and admired by the tourists and the visitors. The tourist while spending holidays in this pristine land will surely love to go for shopping. It offers the tourists and the visitors with unique shopping experience which they cannot find anywhere else in the world.

There are many places in Darjeeling where the tourists and the visitors can go for shopping. The main purchasing of goods in Northeast hunt of this divine land is Chowrasta, Nehru road, Das Studio, Elite Studio where the tourists can get posters, soft dolls, toys, and lots more. If the tourists are willing to buy tea high quality tea leaves they can visit Nathmulls and Goodrick in Gandhi road. Manjusha emporium is also famous for handloom products, handicrafts and silk. The tourists who want some woolen products can visit the shops in Hill Cart road. The tourists and the visitors can also buy unique gift items, pashmina shawls, handicrafts and lots more. It also offers the tourists with unique items manufactured in Darjeeling itself.

The temporary stalls set up by the locals are also a good center for the tourists and the visitors to buy things gift items, stolls, clothes and lots more. There are many shopping centers like Mahakal Market, Dragon Market, Fancy Market where the tourists can buy fashionable clothes, shoes, and other essentials items. Hayden Hall is another famous shopping center where the tourists and the visitors can carpets and hand woven products which is very much liked and purchased by the visitors.

Darjeeling is also famous for its traditional antique pieces like antique jewellery, pendants, gems, curios, which the tourist would love to take back home and show it to their friends and relatives, foe these antique pieces the tourists and the visitors can visit Habeeb Malik which is a famous antique and curio shop in Darjeeling. If the tourists are interested in buying variety of books and novels then they can step is Oxford Book and Stationery Company which is in Chowrasta.

Every year many tourists and the visitors travel to this pristine town to get a unique experience of shopping which they cannot find anywhere else in the world. It is a source of fun and excitement shopping in this heavenly land which gives the tourists with memorable experience


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