Darjeeling a Himalayan town located in the state of West Bengal is a worldwide famous hill station. One of the most favorite among nature lovers and honeymooners, Darjeeling has earned fame for its world class tea gardens, salubrious weather conditions and the amazing tourist attractions that are scattered all over the town. To be here for a tour or North East Vacation is a wonderful as one can enjoy the enigmatic beauty of the nature and the tranquility that rejuvenate the mind, soul and heart giving a new life.

Well for a glorious trip and hassle free vacation it is important that you follow few of these important travel guides and tips.

1) If you want to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free, it is always advisable to visit Darjeeling during the off season. But if you are planning to visit here during the peak season, you must book your hotel, vehicle for sightseeing tour and Trip Booking to Queen of the Hills India well in advance.

2) Do not visit Darjeeling during Monsoon Season. During this season, the town receives heavy rainfall and that makes the travel to sightseeing place uncomfortable. More of all during this season, heavy landslides take place and this leads to blockage of road.

3) Always make a list of the tourist places that you want to visit. Accordingly you can book the vehicle.

4) Best time to visit Darjeeling is between April to July and from October to January. During this season, this hill town is at its best and offer incredible view of the nature as well as exciting tour and travel experience.

5) Siliguri is the nearest centre to reach this town easily. Siliguri is a commercial growing city and once you reach here, you can hire shared taxi or reserve private taxi to travel to Darjeeling which is located at a distance of 90 kms.

6) Do not take the advice of the touts. They are money minded and so they always try to influence you in order to make money.

7) If you are visiting here, don’t miss an opportunity to visit the important tourist places. Especially a happy journey in a toy train.

8) If you are visiting Darjeeling during winter season, carry warm woolen cloths. During winter season, temperature falls down sharply and sometime there is snowfall as well.

9) Last but not the least, at least take out 10-15 days of time in hand to explore the exquisiteness of Darjeeling. It is one of the most renowned hill stations in North East India, where describing it simply as a beautiful hill station would be like doing unfair with its heavenly beauty. Come and have wonderful time in Darjeeling the queen of hills.


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